An Utmost Quest

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An Utmost Quest
The long day wanes,
And in our bodies ravaged by time,
Hindered by mortality,

We still seek, we still strive –

And we will not yield
Because truth is rarely
Where we expect to find it.

And so we follow
Sinking stars
For ever and forever.

Weekly Photo Challenge: For this challenge, show us what quest means to you.

I’m a wanderer, often setting out on a journey with only the goal of getting lost because…well, that’s one of the benefits of exploring, right?

This image is just one of the many icons that adorn the city walls of Seville, Spain.  These icons are commonplace, but I found them remarkable.  They reminded me that things of beauty and joy are often enshrined in ordinary and can be found even when you don’t know where you’re going or where you are.  So, as Tennyson poetically wrote, great things are bound to be discovered in each of our life’s quest if we dare to seek them out.


A Study in Blue

Photography, Poetry, Weekly Photo Challenge, Writing


A Study in BlueAStudyinBluePoem1

The vase is cheap,
The berries are plentiful –
But Blue is remarkable,
Blue is rare.

© Ettemeyer

Oddly enough, despite the sky and ocean, blue is rare in nature compared to other colors.

WPC Theme Rare: For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something rare: a family heirloom. A cloudy day in a normally sunny desert. A sad frown on a cheerful kid’s face. Or anything else you think of as scarce and singular. I can’t wait to see what “rare” means to you!