Nostalgia Tanka

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Nostalgia Tanka

Oh, this nostalgia;
a fragile thing of beauty
never exactly
as it was or how we were
but knowing it always is.

© ettemeyer

These dried roses were the only good things I have from a painful time.  I kept them to remind me that even as our memories shift, sliding back and forth in time, it’s the warm feelings of nostalgia – the good things and the love we felt that call us back the most.

Weekly Photo Challenge: For this challenge, show us what nostalgia means to you — perhaps a moment or scene that makes you feel wistful, happy, sad, or somehow longing for the past. It might be with friends, family, or by yourself — anywhere, anytime of year.


A Funny Thing Haiku

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A Funny Thing Haiku

The fun part of Love
Seems to be figuring out:
What does it all mean?

Just a fun window display I came across during my walks in Rome (yep, that’s my reflection).

Weekly Photo Challenge (Fun!): This week’s theme is simple: share a photo of something fun! Let’s all shake our booties, literal or figurative.