This Frame Haiku

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This Frame

Between  you  and  me,
This  frame  of “differences”
Is  in  “how”  we   see –

WPC Frame Theme: This week, I’d love for you to look at things a bit differently. Whether it’s through an actual picture frame, a few stalks of grass, or even the spokes of a bicycle tire, find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see!

A Study in Blue

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A Study in BlueAStudyinBluePoem1

The vase is cheap,
The berries are plentiful –
But Blue is remarkable,
Blue is rare.

© Ettemeyer

Oddly enough, despite the sky and ocean, blue is rare in nature compared to other colors.

WPC Theme Rare: For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something rare: a family heirloom. A cloudy day in a normally sunny desert. A sad frown on a cheerful kid’s face. Or anything else you think of as scarce and singular. I can’t wait to see what “rare” means to you!

A Funny Thing Haiku

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A Funny Thing Haiku

The fun part of Love
Seems to be figuring out:
What does it all mean?

Just a fun window display I came across during my walks in Rome (yep, that’s my reflection).

Weekly Photo Challenge (Fun!): This week’s theme is simple: share a photo of something fun! Let’s all shake our booties, literal or figurative.


WPC: Morning Calls Haiku

Photography, Poetry, Weekly Photo Challenge, Writing


Morning Calls

The long arms of Time
And the sounds of Morning’s call
Are are lost in Sleep
© ettemeyer

Although I am up well before 7, I am not a morning person (essentially sleepwalking until I’ve had two cups of coffee).

WPC Theme: Morning.  For this week’s photo challenge, publish a new post with an image that means morning to you. We’re especially interested in creative and unique takes on the theme — bonus points to those who think beyond the usual sunrise photo!